Hello and welcome! 

My name is Claire, I am a London-based Independent Escort and Travel Companion for a discerning gentleman who is lacking company on his lonely business trip or just a little excitement in his busy overloaded with responsibilities life.

For the last few years, I have been living in Paris and I have a very special relationship with this small pompous city. As a child, I attended a prestigious French school, and France and the French language early became a part of my life. After spending about a year at some of the best world’s design schools in London and New York, I wished to return to the city that feels like home to indulge myself in fashion. These days, I share my time between Paris and London, and I equally love both. 

 I am also available for international travels and FlyMeToYou. For details, please, follow this page Travels.

As a Leo woman, I love looking beautiful and entertainment – I like to go out! I am an ultimate hype-person, I have the unique ability to make people feel better about themselves and time is never boring with me. My personality is out-of-the-box- big, warm, and shiny. I will be your best friend and a woman that will make you lose your mind. I am intellectually curious, I always have many questions, and my sense of humour will keep you on your tippy-toes. I love to have long conversations and listening to my partner.
Add an irresistible XS size package of 5’7″, 110lbs, long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, sweet smile, and the cutest voice with the slightest sign of accent, stylish, elegant outfit to this and you will have an image of me.

Art, fashion, and food – the first things that come to one’s mind when thinking of Paris. Although the first ones are the centre of my interests, I also would be delighted to share a nice dinner with you and I can recommend a few places. But if you are not particularly keen on food, or if you want to explore the city, leave it to me. How about to be entertained to the maximum at some of my favourite jazz bars (like the famous Cafe Laurent at the Hotel d’Aubusson, or piano Bar Vendome at The Ritz) or we can hit The Moulin Rouge, which I am a huge fan of? Or, perhaps, you want to visit some art galleries, where we can also have drinks or dinner. If you want an ultimate exclusive experience, let’s wear casual, and go on a long walk from one side of Paris to another, without Google maps, hitting secret spots, tourists do not know about (with the gourmet stops for snails and champagne of course!).

Do you know this feeling when you forgot why you came? This is the magic of The City of Lights!

We are going to have so much fun!

I don’t smoke. But I don’t mind if You do.

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And like any woman, I love to go shopping and receiving gifts. Check my Wishlist.